• Twyla Sue, a bighorn sheep, rued the day she had taught her friend's child, "Baa-baa black sheep, have you any wool."  First, the little one sang it from dawn til dark, & second--always a detail fanatic--bighorn sheep don't have that kind of wool and none of them are black . . .

Baa Baa Black Sheep

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  • Tracy--always looking for "the deal"--had yet to make his first big killing, but he wasn't discouraged.  For the time being, mice and crickets were OK. These things take time . . .

Deal Guy

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  • With only mullet and croakers in sight and no Pizza on the horizon, Howie was thinking that once again there was something fishy going on with the caterers . . .

Something’s Fishy

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  • Barbara Anne, just fresh from the salon, wondered if she was getting an invite to A-Rod and J-Lo's wedding--After all, she was also pretty exotic.  Maybe too exotic . . .?


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  • When Her Royal Fuzziness, the Princess Buttercup, heard the expression "Let sleeping dogs lie," she wondered why dogs would lie at all and especially if they're sleeping.  In fact, how could they lie if they were sleeping . . .

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

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  • The preppers, concerned about the outcome of the impeachment proceedings and the spreading of the coronavirus, decided the only sane thing to do was just dig in and hunker down.  And there was always some wise guy saying, "I can dig it" who mostly just leaned on his shovel . . .

Digging In

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