A selection of Various Birds

  • Howard was disappointed--he hadn't got one write-in vote on Super Tuesday. His wife told him he should¬† have spoken more about issues of substance rather than ducking issues he was uncomfortable with . . .

Ducking the Issues

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Virus Scare

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  • Once again, with their red MAGA hats, hopeful rally participants lined up early hoping to get in to see the president and hear his speech . . .

Waiting for Donald

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  • Lucy May was tired of having to explain to fools that just didn't listen: She was not an upholsterer recovering sofas and car seats, but a pollster, trying to see who was where in the ranks of politicians running for office . . .

Mistaken Identity

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  • When Lucy Mae's dates asked what she did for work, she told them she was in political logistics-- a pollster . . .


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  • Tracy--always looking for "the deal"--had yet to make his first big killing, but he wasn't discouraged.¬† For the time being, mice and crickets were OK. These things take time . . .

Deal Guy

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