• Purrrrrfect, world renowned Asian cooking chef, was hosting a new Food Channel cooking show.  Her first episode was about getting familiar with your equipment . . .

Cooking Show

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  • With only mullet and croakers in sight and no Pizza on the horizon, Howie was thinking that once again there was something fishy going on with the caterers . . .

Something’s Fishy

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  • The art school film department had caught a wave of nostalgia and wanted to create a remake of the Annette Funicello/Frankie Avalon  movie from the early 60's, Muscle Beach Party.  A low budget necessitated some compromises . . .

Muscle Beach Party

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  • "Yeah, yeah, Mom,"  said young Huey. I know goats--even mountain goats--are vegan, no choice.  But couldn't we at least have one of those Burger King Veggie burgers so I can not look stupid in front of the coyote kids and the bob cat boys . . .?"

Vegan Burger?

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  • Ricardo (pictured) had watched lots of cooking and food shows on The Food Network and was stunned that no one was doing a traveling bee pollen/nectar show. His ongoing theme would be only top shelf stuff--there are lots of flowers in the world; why settle for less than the best?

Top Shelf

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  • Everyone has heard of the legendary giant alligator(s) that live in the NY NY sewer system, so to maintain credibility, Mayor de Blasio hired Oscar from NOLA with a promise of (again, legendary) huge rats and the occasional Republican.  Yet here on New Year's Day, not only were there no rats--politicians or otherwise--there wasn't even a slice of legendary NY NY pizza . . .


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