Exotic Animals

  • Sunil (pictured, lower right) was thinking of trading his current vehicle in for a new Tesla Electric sports cars, but after a test drive, he was reconsidering. As far as he could see, there were three issues: he didn't have to plug Rosebud (the camel) in, he had gotten quite used to the gentle swaying as she moved, and where could he carry the feed bags in the Tesla?

Trading Up

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  • Roger (pictured; his friends called him Ramjet) was trying to get a lawyer to take his proposed class action suit against Dodge for using the ram name for their trucks for years with no written permission, or, more importantly, royalties. He suggested that the lawyer hire a film crew to watch him race one of those pick-ups up the mountain--even a four wheel drive. He'd show them a real ram going up the mountain . . .

The Real Ram

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  • Twyla Sue, a bighorn sheep, rued the day she had taught her friend's child, "Baa-baa black sheep, have you any wool."  First, the little one sang it from dawn til dark, & second--always a detail fanatic--bighorn sheep don't have that kind of wool and none of them are black . . .

Baa Baa Black Sheep

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  • Gustav was concerned about the sun damage on his back.  The dermatologist  suggested more sunblock.  The concept sounded right, but he wondered how to apply it with his hoofs or even how he'd open the container . . .

More Sunblock?

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  • "Yeah, yeah, Mom,"  said young Huey. I know goats--even mountain goats--are vegan, no choice.  But couldn't we at least have one of those Burger King Veggie burgers so I can not look stupid in front of the coyote kids and the bob cat boys . . .?"

Vegan Burger?

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  • Joaquin hadn't bothered to read the spray-on-tan directions (which said to spray lightly, let dry, and add more if desired).  Joaquin decided he'd just go ahead and use the entire spray can--what could possibly go wrong . . .?

Spray On Tan

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