• Twyla Sue, a bighorn sheep, rued the day she had taught her friend's child, "Baa-baa black sheep, have you any wool."  First, the little one sang it from dawn til dark, & second--always a detail fanatic--bighorn sheep don't have that kind of wool and none of them are black . . .

Baa Baa Black Sheep

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  • Virginia was determined not to have a political or religious argument during the so-called holidays.  It was going to be steep going . . .

Steep Going

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  • Irwin (not pictured) had been applying for a job at the park since high school--he told them he would even work part time--but never seemed to get hired, even though others did. For some reason, he was pretty sure they were stonewalling him . . .


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  • Little Gustav, trying to understand the widely diverging claims of both sides of the political spectrum, asked his father how both sides could claim to be rock solid for the people, and yet be so different He was even more puzzled when his father took him to Glacier Park and said, "Now that is rock solid . . ."

Rock Solid

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  • Chucky was tired of being overlooked in Glacier Park, where the moose, bears, elk, deer, goats and sheep all got top billing for their image on T-shirts.  His lawyer proposed a Federal discrimination suit . . .


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  • With Montana getting its first blizzard in September, John deduced that it might be a tough commute from his ranch into town for his day job . . .

Tough Commute

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