• Joaquin hadn't bothered to read the spray-on-tan directions (which said to spray lightly, let dry, and add more if desired).  Joaquin decided he'd just go ahead and use the entire spray can--what could possibly go wrong . . .?

Spray On Tan

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Hello Kitty

Elizabeth, a rare black jaguar, worked for the Belize Zoo. She realized and understood that in the tourist and hospitality industry you have to put up with people’s foibles and sometimes downright weirdness.  But enough was enough–if one more tourist wiggled one of those “cutesy” little cat things in her face and said “Hello Kitty” she was going to jump the fence and eat both the toy and the person holding it.  And no, she wasn’t interested in the half off offer of a Hello Kitty tattoo. . . . .  David, Sf.G.

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