• Gustav was concerned about the sun damage on his back.  The dermatologist  suggested more sunblock.  The concept sounded right, but he wondered how to apply it with his hoofs or even how he'd open the container . . .

More Sunblock?

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  • Percy was beginning to think his dermatologist was right--he should have used sunblock earlier . . .


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  • The boys were sticking their necks out to prove their that guys didn't need sunblock--that stuff was for girls. "When," they asked, "was the last time you heard of a turtle dying from melanoma . . .?"

Sticking Their Necks Out

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Sunblock Blues

In spite of Sandy’s dermatologist  touting the benefits of sunblock, she still had mottled skin, and the sunblock burned her eyes when she came up from a swim . . .

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Lip Sunblock

When Kyle’s girl friend told him the white sunblock made his lips look funny, he said, “It prevents sunburn”–turns out he was right . . .

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You Should Have Used Sunblock

Jimmy’s wife was alternating between trying to comfort him and being angry that he hadn’t used the sunblock she so carefully gave him before the offshore fishing trip. “What if you get skin cancer from the sunburn? We don’t have insurance.  What would I tell my friends–my husband died of cancer of the face?”

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