• Sunil (pictured, lower right) was thinking of trading his current vehicle in for a new Tesla Electric sports cars, but after a test drive, he was reconsidering. As far as he could see, there were three issues: he didn't have to plug Rosebud (the camel) in, he had gotten quite used to the gentle swaying as she moved, and where could he carry the feed bags in the Tesla?

Trading Up

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  • Roger (pictured; his friends called him Ramjet) was trying to get a lawyer to take his proposed class action suit against Dodge for using the ram name for their trucks for years with no written permission, or, more importantly, royalties. He suggested that the lawyer hire a film crew to watch him race one of those pick-ups up the mountain--even a four wheel drive. He'd show them a real ram going up the mountain . . .

The Real Ram

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  • Finding a place to ride a bicycle in The Netherlands wasn't hard, but try finding a parking place . . .

No Parking

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  • Gloria had been looking for the Toyota dealership; she was shopping for a fuel efficient, inexpensive ride for everyday use, something that would be "green" and still have good resale value. And then she saw the car of her dreams, but it wasn't a Prius. When she asked about fuel mileage, the salesman muttered something about, "if you had to ask, you couldn't afford it . . ."

Not a Prius

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  • Sadly, Harley Davidson lost their patent infringement lawsuit against a Chinese company producing  three wheel motorcycles HD claimed were look-a-likes . . .

Failed Lawsuit

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  • Theresa had been warned; the signage was clear: 15 items or less. She had 19 in her cart, and now the black Line Police helicopter was circling . . .


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