Dating Scene

  • Elaine couldn't seem to attract the right sort of guy to start a family with, or for that matter, any guy at all.  She wondered if maybe a little more make-up would do the trick . . .

More Make-Up?

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  • Daisy (right) and Dwight (left) thought themselves in love, but found snuggling or showing affection was fraught with peril . . .

Snuggling Caution

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  • While filling out the dating site questionnaire, Handsome Samson was asked, "What do you do best?"  "Grow hair," was his answer, and he attached a picture file to prove his point . . .

Grow Hair

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  • Carlisle (pictured) knew he was cool; all the girls told him so. In fact, he came from a long line of cool guys, but seeing his reflection in the feeder for the first time and seeing just how cool he was made him sit back for just a moment to take it all in. "Whoa!" was all he could say . . .

Too Cool

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  • Elizabeth (pictured) was growing concerned; her waist and weight were rapidly getting out of control. As a graduate dietitian from the University of Phoenix (on line), she knew binge-eating wasn't good for her weight, but the uncontrollable urge to eat her mate after reproducing was just something she couldn't seem to get a handle on . . .

Unexpected Weight Gain

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  • Howard was getting a sore throat from all of the mate-attracting noise and displays; couldn't he just download a lizard dating app and get on with things . . .?

Dating App

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