• Elaine couldn't seem to attract the right sort of guy to start a family with, or for that matter, any guy at all.  She wondered if maybe a little more make-up would do the trick . . .

More Make-Up?

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  • Usually, Sandra felt left out, but at office parties it didn't make as much difference; with eight arms, she could always get the best cookies and brownies, as well as glasses of cheap champagne, before anyone else could . . .

Some Advantages

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  • Elizabeth (pictured) was growing concerned; her waist and weight were rapidly getting out of control. As a graduate dietitian from the University of Phoenix (on line), she knew binge-eating wasn't good for her weight, but the uncontrollable urge to eat her mate after reproducing was just something she couldn't seem to get a handle on . . .

Unexpected Weight Gain

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  • Suzi had sent a wedding invitation to J Lo and A-Rod on the off chance they would attend. Conflicting schedules was her guess when they didn't show.  "Oh well," she thought, "there wasn't that much to eat at the reception anyway . . ."

J-Lo and A-Rod’s Invitation

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  • Billy Ray should have read the fine print in the HOA guidelines before he bought his home.  He  never seemed to  have a month without at least one letter from the HOA citing some infraction  and a demand that it be immediately corrected, or he'd be fined . . .

HOA Blues

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  • Homer had thought that putting out his web in the cold (for the Texas Gulf Coast) winter  while all the other spiders stayed at home would mean no competition, and he was right.  Sadly, all of the bugs also stayed in--slim pickings . . .

Slim Pickings

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