• It used to be a gentle meandering creek, home to birds, turtles, frogs, fish, snakes and alligators, but the Corps of Engineers fixed that . . .

The Corps Fixed It

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  • All of Pete's trust fund frat buddies from college teased him about being a Texas country bumpkin, but he reminded them they all had to go be lawyers or politicians or work at the family business when they graduated, and all he had to do was collect royalty checks and go fishing and hunting, or maybe he'd take up NASCAR racing . . . 

Beats Working for a Living

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  • Daisy (right) and Dwight (left) thought themselves in love, but found snuggling or showing affection was fraught with peril . . .

Snuggling Caution

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  • After seeing some old Superrman reruns on TV, Snuffy (The Wonder Dog) thought, "how hard can it be?"  He soon decided flying lessons might be worth the trouble after all . . .

Flying Lessons

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  • When Lynda saw the habanero peppers growing in a rare Texas Gulf Coast snow event, she wondered if this was a source of global warming . . .

Global Warming

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  • As Bubba Jim drove into his driveway and saw the pond, he wished that the talk radio shows could be even half as quiet while still getting their message accross.

Talk Radio/Peace & Quiet

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