Brown Widow

  • Elaine couldn't seem to attract the right sort of guy to start a family with, or for that matter, any guy at all.  She wondered if maybe a little more make-up would do the trick . . .

More Make-Up?

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  • Suzi had sent a wedding invitation to J Lo and A-Rod on the off chance they would attend. Conflicting schedules was her guess when they didn't show.  "Oh well," she thought, "there wasn't that much to eat at the reception anyway . . ."

J-Lo and A-Rod’s Invitation

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I Want to Hold Your Hand

When “I Want To Hold Your Hand” was playing at the Beatles Revival Party, Twyla Sue, a brown widow spider, found it difficult to find a dance partner. Which of the four hands should he hold was one question potential partners asked, and would she eat him when the dance was done . . .

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Brown Eyed Girl

Candace, a Brown Widow spider, was miffed;  her cousins–the Black Widows–got all the press, mostly bad, but also some good.  She should be famous–she had quite a record, she had produced thousands of children, had eaten her last 14 mates, and had bitten three cats, four dogs, and two humans, and still the stinking paparazzi ignored her.

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