• Precious, not having read Newton's Third Law, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction," was having a difficult time understanding why she couldn't push over the ladder to keep the dog out . . .                 

Newton’s Third Law

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  • Bruce, who claimed to be of English extraction, said he only ate fish and chips to connect to his toots, but his fish dinner never seemed to include chips--at least, no one ever saw  any chips. Maybe he was Norwegian . . . ?

Fish . . .No Chips?

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  • The Feather Salon had done a fine job of making KiKi attractive; she had found a fine mate who helped raise this year's brood, but where was he now with the nest empty and she with a hard to reach itch . . .

Empty Nest Syndrome

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  • Arriving at the rookery late with no top level reservations, Bob and Marla quickly discovered that lower level nest placement was critical for sanitary purposes . . .

No Reservations

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  • When  Jaime bought his camping equipment. the guys at the outdoor recreation store told Jaime, "Stay hydrated when you're camping or hiking."  He didn't think that was going to be a problem . . .

Stay Hydrated

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The Kill Command

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