• Jimmy's wife didn't care if it was cheap--a real bargain--it was not the hair dryer she was looking for . . .

Hair Dryer

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  • Everyone knows that rattlesnakes shed their skin from time to time and are expected to grow new rattles afterward. James (not pictured), after radiation treatments for skin cancer, hadn't been able to grow rattles & didn't feel like much of a specimen; then he found an Internet web site that offered replacement rattles, and better yet, they were certified organic . . .

Certified Organic

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  • Emily (pictured in green) had doubted the pushy sales girl's pitch: "You will look younger longer if you use this skin care product regularly." It was hard, though, to argue with results; clearly she had aged more slowly than her contemporaries . . .

Still Looking Good!

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  • Hubert, a newby in his first time in state politics, heard he was being called "Green".  He didn't know if the stinking paparazzi thought he was just inexperienced or that he had bought into the "New Green Deal . . ."

Just Hanging On

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  • The turtles--the real turtles--were suing the turtle doves for trademark infringement. Turtles, not some silly bird, had the name first and adding it to some flighty creature without a shell was demeaning . . .

Trademark Infringement

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  • Howard told his wife he'd be gone a couple of hours playing poker and drinking beer with the boys, but he got caught in in one of the hurricane's outer bands, so his route home included the Carolinas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, so yes, he was a little late . . .

Some ‘Splaining To Do

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