• Herbert enjoyed the herd's weekly karaoke night but wished they could get past "The farmer in the dell, hi ho the dairy-oh, blah blah . . ."  First of all, they weren't dairy cows, and second, what's wrong with a little "Stairway to Heaven" or "Heartbreak Hotel" now and then . . .

Karaoke Night

  • Jim Bob (pictured) knew that he/they was one of the few, even in the deep south, that could show good cause why he/they should have two first names. With their unique outlook on life, he/they felt out of place no matter where he/they went. The big question came up at a family dinner when an aunt said he/they should say amen twice after grace was said. An uncle pointed out that they should be in politics, where it's vitally important to be always able to watch your back . . .

Two Heads Are Better Than One

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  • When the taxi driver offered Billy-Bob and Glenda a 50-year lease on Akbar's Gate, they concluded his right to lease may be backed by questionable provenance . . .

Questionable Provenance

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  • Constance wondered, with all of the upset with the "Royals" in the news lately, if there might be an opening for a (potentially) fiercely loyal Anglophile here in "the Colonies"--especially one known for being able to keep an eye on things . . .

The Royals

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  • Joaquin hadn't bothered to read the spray-on-tan directions (which said to spray lightly, let dry, and add more if desired).  Joaquin decided he'd just go ahead and use the entire spray can--what could possibly go wrong . . .?

Spray On Tan

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  • Ricardo (pictured) had watched lots of cooking and food shows on The Food Network and was stunned that no one was doing a traveling bee pollen/nectar show. His ongoing theme would be only top shelf stuff--there are lots of flowers in the world; why settle for less than the best?

Top Shelf

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