• Quincy had heard some of the newly elected legislators saying the government should provide free food for all.  But was that just Ramen noodles (hard to cook on the wing or in the barn rafters) or real rodents? And, more important, were they fresh . . . ?

Free Food

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  • Being a Caracara, the apex predator, was tough enough, always the hawks and owls trying to pull off a coup. Now there was talk of those "bald headed" eagles moving south making  an apex power play . . .

Apex Predator

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  • Willie's mother had told him, "Sunsets are a big clue that it's getting dark, so get home while you can still see."  Willie suddenly realized he was cutting it pretty close . . .

Getting Dark

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  • When Helen saw on Craigslist  that a car lot was looking for a detailer, she wondered why anyone would need--or want--to be detailed.  She found hers quite handy . . .


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  • Billy Ray should have read the fine print in the HOA guidelines before he bought his home.  He  never seemed to  have a month without at least one letter from the HOA citing some infraction  and a demand that it be immediately corrected, or he'd be fined . . .

HOA Blues

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  • April, a long time fan of "The Princess Bride,"  was studying art and wanted to paint the movie's last scene where Westley and Buttercup do their famous kiss.  Turns out that, while not getting the Old Masters' style exactly right, it was a fair abstract effort . . .

The Kiss

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