• When Gina lost her job, her friend Kiki suggested pole dancing.  Gina was puzzled; dance with a Polish man up here? Too crowded . . . and was it to be ballet? Ball room dancing? An Irish  jig? Clogging or tap dancing?  Would she have to take lessons first . . . ?

Pole Dancer

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  • Jamie was beginning to realize that she should have ended her hike earlier and started back to the car; she was indeed facing  low light conditions with only a cell phone flashlight . . .

Low Light

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  • Purrfect's friends at school teased her for carrying her tail high and forward, said she looked line a Siberian Husky.  The DNA test revealed she was, in fact, part Husky; she was the rare and elusive Hus-Kitty . . .


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  • When the Washington bureaucrats said they wanted to cut farm subsidies, saying there wasn't a grain of truth in the farmers pleas, the farm lobby suggested the politicians price new tractors and combines . . .

Grain of Truth

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  • When Bobby Jim heard they were going to film a Daffy Duck movie, he quickly applied for the leading Daffy role, only to be told he didn't look "Daffy enough . . ."

Not Daffy Enough

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  • Theresa had been warned; the signage was clear: 15 items or less. She had 19 in her cart, and now the black Line Police helicopter was circling . . .


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