• When Tommie John called the police station to ask if they knew about the fierce lightning storm on the other side of town, they said, "No need to worry; it's just the politicians debating  over at the fairgrounds . . . "


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Who . . . ?

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Don’t Let Them Ruffle Your Feathers

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  • The entire rookery was amazed.  The Johanson triplets, Sven, Ole, and Twyla Sue,  had successfully predicted not only the winner of three Astro's baseball games  in a row but also  the final score.  Mom was already getting calls from Las Vegas . . .

Three in a Row

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  • Judy was sad.  The eggs were laid and hatched, the chicks getting ready to fledge, and she was losing her elegant mating plumage; she hated going back to being ordinary . . .


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  • Eldon felt gawky--not a chick, not an adult--but he felt better when mom explained  that his gawky phase would only last a couple of months, whereas humans went from cute kids to gawky teens and the gawky phase lasted several years before they became elegant adults, and some never made the transition . . . 


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