• While bringing a lunch of tadpoles, Elizabeth (the mother) was tickled to hear Zoe (daughter) singing her own version of the old Cyndi Lauper song with her own twist, "Girls just want to have lunch . . ."


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  • Yvette was thrilled--she made the first cut in the Houston Texans cheerleader tryouts.  Being the only roseate spoonbill, she had not only her natural elegance, but the minority thing going for her . . .

Cheerleader Tryouts

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  • Vaughn was troubled: when you eat with your nose, and allergy season is in full swing, some mouthfuls are less appealing than others . . .


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  • Randy hated this time of the year; the ticks were everywhere.  Unlike the cattle egrets who ate ticks, Randy didn't; in fact he didn't even have a good beak for getting rid of them . . .

Checking for Ticks

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  • Bill was offered big money to do toothpaste commercials--he declined. The last gators he saw on TV were in the Swamp People shows, and those gators went from sparkly teeth to  suitcases, boots,  and purses . . .

No Thanks

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  • Brian--a Kestrel, thank you very much--was a little miffed when he was called a sparrow hawk.  He never ate sparrows and didn't know anyone who did. They didn't look like they would taste good at all . . .

Sparrow Hawk

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