Donald Trump

  • Once again, with their red MAGA hats, hopeful rally participants lined up early hoping to get in to see the president and hear his speech . . .

Waiting for Donald

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  • Once the Mueller Report had found  no Russian collusion for the 2016 election,  journalists and politicos who had bet their careers on collusion  were taking flight . . . 

Taking Flight

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Border Security

In closed door discussions, Kim Jong Un told President Trump he could borrow North Korea’s border protection system–it worked perfectly.  In 60 years not one foreigner had gotten into North Korea . . .

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Just Joking

An alligator goes into a bar and the bartender asks him, “Who would taste better, Hillary or Donald?”  He said he thought the question should be “Who would taste worse?”  Then he asked the bartender, “Grilled or deep fried . . .?”

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Mixed Crowd

Because Handel’s music was considered “classical” (in fact, Baroque would be more accurate), Judy (pictured, 14th row, 6th from the right) was surprised at the turnout–all ages, all races, both genders–at the free concert at the Lincoln Memorial. But then it was Handel’s Royal Fireworks Concert, complete with a massive fireworks display at the conclusion. Was that Maxine Waters and her BFF Sheila Jackson Lee with the Trumps . . .?

Presidential Stand In

Answering a call for Presidential stand ins in case the President was ill, Pete applied; he had some cosmetic issues to overcome, but his oratory style was spot on . . .

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