Sandhill Crane

Virus Scare

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  • Once again, with their red MAGA hats, hopeful rally participants lined up early hoping to get in to see the president and hear his speech . . .

Waiting for Donald

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  • The family was wondering, "What is a group of cranes called?"  Ducks are a flock; there was a "murder of crows," a "herd of cattle," a "gaggle of geese"--were they a "cotillion of cranes . . ."?

What’s In a Name?

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A Little Fuzzy

Even though friends said Colorado’s recreational marijuana was harmless, Chica and the girls found their instinctive navigation skills were more than a little fuzzy after just a couple of tokes . . .

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Truth in Advertising

Justin thought that when in Texas, truth in advertising should mandate they  be  “Mudhill Cranes” not “Sandhill Cranes.”

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Crane Operator

Known for being always ready with a good line for the chicks and the political savvy of a Tammany Hall ward heeler or a Chicago “Community Organizer,” Jimmy was a smooth operator.  When he saw the ad for a crane operator, he thought he might have found just the thing, but he was somewhat disappointed with the reality of having to go to work early every day . . .

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