Donny was confused; being Red used to refer to a Communist, now it meant a Republican,¬†and Cardinal meant a Catholic Cleric or a baseball team member from St Louis.¬† Couldn’t he just be a bird . . .?

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Not a RINO

With the “Red” convention over and the “Blue” one about to start, everyone thought Glen was “red” or at least a “RINO,” but not being a US citizen, he was really a political nobody . . .

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Persons of Color

Evan tried to tell them the Republican National Convention ID badge was bigger than he was, but that he was the best representative for Persons of Color . . .

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They All Taste About the Same to Me

When the pollster asked Cletus whether he preferred the Democrats or the Republicans, he said, “Near as I recall, they all taste about the same . . .”

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The Winner, Mostly

Now that the other Republican contenders had dropped out, Donald could take a deep breath . . . and start a hostile takeover of Hillary . . .

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Crossing the Line

To have some hope of getting a new House Speaker they could live with, some minority politicians  were willing to cross the line just a little . . .

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