• Henry, reading 20th century history, stumbled onto Joseph McCarthy and his famous Red Baiter hunt for Communists in the 1950's.  He wondered what Joe would have thought of him . . .

Red Baiter

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A Bird Goes Into a Sushi Bar

A bird goes into a sushi bar, only to be  told no red-necks, red commies, even Red Skelton look-a-likes can eat raw fish in that establishment . . .

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Bird Umbrellas

Marc was quite surprised to have his patent application for “bird umbrellas” rejected on “functional usability” issues . . .

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Language Problems

Jimbo, just in from Maine, was having a real problem with the local language–Span-Tex-Lish.  What’s the difference between Y’all and All Y’all, Amigo . . .?

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Identity Crisis

Red knew he was cool. The question: was he “big time ball player with a Mohawk” cool or “SNL Cone Head” cool . . .?

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Color Envy

Chandler knew his plumage, though just browns, was a class act, but some days he was a little wistful when he saw a tanager or cardinal . . .

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