Red State

  • Carrie, who lived in a "Blue" state, was asked by her neighbors how she was voting in the fall elections.  She replied "Undecided". They expressed some doubts . . .


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Color Blind

Henry was blue, lived in a “red” state, but was not a supporter of either party. Why couldn’t everyone just be color blind . . .?

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Swimming Upstream

Jack’s friend Bill was “Blue” and his other friend Bob was “Red”.  Trying to get one to listen to the other was kind of like trying to swim upstream in spring runoff . . .

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Not a RINO

With the “Red” convention over and the “Blue” one about to start, everyone thought Glen was “red” or at least a “RINO,” but not being a US citizen, he was really a political nobody . . .

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Since everyone began calling the Republicans “red” and the Democrats “blue”, Howard had been pestered to run on the Republican ticket for everything from school commissioner to senator; he wasn’t Republican, Democrat, or even a good Independent.  He just wanted to be left alone and not have the local talking heads ask him how his election plans were coming.

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Grass Roots Poll

In anticipation of a recent “grass roots” poll, both the red  and  blue supporters predicted an easy victory.  The results were quite a setback for both parties, and had them rethinking  their strategies . . .

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