• Ricardo (pictured) had watched lots of cooking and food shows on The Food Network and was stunned that no one was doing a traveling bee pollen/nectar show. His ongoing theme would be only top shelf stuff--there are lots of flowers in the world; why settle for less than the best?

Top Shelf

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  • Carrie, who lived in a "Blue" state, was asked by her neighbors how she was voting in the fall elections.  She replied "Undecided". They expressed some doubts . . .


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  • The class was there to see the solar eclipse. They’d been told not to look directly at the sun until the actual eclipse & only with special dark glasses. Howie (12th from the left, 19th row) had brought his 3D movie glasses instead . . .

Solar Eclipse

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  • Leroi's timing and job choice couldn't have been better: With elections coming up, committies investigating committees, bluff and blunder around evey corner, Spin Doctors could name their price and terms . . .

Spin Doctor

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  • Archaeologists recently made an important discovery--how Noah saved the bees during the Great Flood. He kept them in the arkhives . . .

Save The Bees

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Gone to Seed

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