A Little Crabby

Elise hadn’t minded the lack of privacy that came with running for public office, in her case for Lt Governor.  She felt strongly about her “Crustaceans’ rights” platform.  At one point, she had been accused of trying to claw her way to the top. She didn’t mind the accusation, but she hated that she had to have someone, a non crustacean, hold her up to face the cameras.  It was demeaning, as well,  trying to find a place to hook the lapel microphone for these media events.

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And the Sunsets

Ernest had been hired by the Governor to entice out-of-state businesses to relocate in Texas.  The story was simple: Texas was tax friendly, business friendly, they had a good work force, nice climate, and the sunsets . . .

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“What?” asked Henry, “You want me to run for Governor in a blue state?”

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Skin Condition

Vinnie had always wanted to be a politician, maybe start running for school board, work up to county commissioner, then try for the House, or maybe governor.  His concern was that he didn’t have smooth skin–everyone knew politicians were supposed to be slick.  His dermatologist suggested that he cut back on his insect consumption and try more green leafy vegetables, avoid direct sunlight, and get more exercise.  He was having trouble with the green leafy vegetable part, they kept sticking to his long sticky frog tongue and were hard to swallow.  How do you enunciate clearly while giving a speech with kale stuck to your tongue? . . . . . David, Sf.G.

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