• Jerry was glad the election day was over.  "Sure," he said, "you have to elect someone for the job, but between emails from candidates, TV ads, all the signs and the candidates themselves "pressing the flesh," I am ready for a break . . ."

Day Over

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Media Bias

There were new cries of media bias when the New York Times printed a picture they claimed was the new administration’s probable head of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) . . .

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When Gillian was asked which party she preferred in the upcoming elections, she said she was undecided; she had hoped for a revival of the Flower Power party . . .

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Tough Row to Hoe

When Georgie had entered politics, he had been told it was “A tough row to hoe.’  Turns out it was also a long one . . .

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Wet Behind the Ears

Snuffy (The Wonder Dog) had thought to give politics a try, so he went to the local party office to sign up as a candidate for the Bridge and Drainage Commission, only to be told he was too young, still wet behind the ears.  In dog years he was approaching 40 . . .

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Political Statement

While walking around Brussels during their first time to Europe, Kimmy and Dickie, from St. Paul, Minnesota saw an unusual statue.  Kimmy thought that it must have something to do with the Belgian attitude of leniency in raising children. Dickie, on the other hand, was rather certain it was a political statement, although since he knew nothing of local politics, wasn’t sure which side was was giving, and which side was the recipient . . .

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