True Grit

Though the seaside buffet was good, Horace contended that it really gave diners an understanding of “True Grit . . .”

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Seafood Buffet

Rita didn’t think much of her fiancé’s taste for dining out. Somehow muddy crayfish in a ditch didn’t equate to a seafood buffet . . .

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All You Can Eat

More than once, Iggy had sworn off the Big Bug All You Can Eat Cafe; the roaches were stale, the mosquitoes skinny, and the other bugs mediocre on a good day, but here he was again, over-full and full of heartburn . . .

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All You Can Eat

It was all you can eat, and the price was right, but the menu was somewhat limited–no pizza, chocolate, or beer, the building blocks for a balanced diet . . .

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All You Can Eat

Like most “all you can eat” buffets, the food was mediocre on a good day.  That probably was yesterday, thought Ziggy. Today, the sunflower seeds were soft and soggy, left over from last night’s rain, the corn scarce and barely acceptable, and the sparrows had eaten all of those little seeds already.  He thought he would try to do a new food channel TV show for birds, but finding a decent bird feeder these days was tough, and who liked watching or listening to someone who continually whined. . . ?

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