Personal Grooming Issues

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  • Renowned as great climbers, the boys hoped that the fact they didn't like going down all that well wouldn't be the subject of some David Attenborough documentary on PBS . . .

One Way

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  • While thinking her husband's description of their newly-acquired log cabin as needing "A little paint, a few nails" was quite optimistic, Chloe was really concerned about the bathing facilities come the Montana winter . . .  

A Little Paint, A Few Nails

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Hard Rock Cafe

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  • It was that time of the year in Montana--the bull elk were in love--for that matter, so were the cows--but everyone was waiting on the law firm to deliver the prenuptial agreements for signature. As usual, the lawyers were late, but this group had been through the heartbreak of acrimonious divorces before & didn't want to end up on TV with Judge Judy presiding, & in the end losing everything while the reality TV junkies hooted and laughed . . .

Prenuptial Blues

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  • When  Jaime bought his camping equipment. the guys at the outdoor recreation store told Jaime, "Stay hydrated when you're camping or hiking."  He didn't think that was going to be a problem . . .

Stay Hydrated

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