Standard Poodle

  • Handsome Samson, looking for a little distinction, thought he might add a title, "His Royal Handsomeness" to Handsome Samson, or he could just go by "Sam I Am . . ."

What’s In A Name?

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  • When Buttercup, always truthful, heard the expression "Let sleeping dogs lie," she wondered, "Why do they have to be asleep to lie? Can dogs lie if awake? And most important, how did they lie if asleep? By Vulcan Mind Meld . . .?

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

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Daytime TV Madness

The pet psychiatrist had bad news; Buttercup had a bad case of Daytime TV Madness.  She would have to go cold turkey no matter how hard it seemed; she couldn’t watch TV–not even the 10:00 News before bed . . .

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Guard Duty

Her Royal Fuzziness, The Princess Buttercup, had been charged with protecting the family from rogue armadillos. She was practicing her “Kill” look, hoping intimidation would limit the actual need for violence . . .

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Her Royal Fuzziness The Princess Buttercup was wondering if she had carried the casual, windblown look too far . . .

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New Look

Buttercup had told the stylist she wanted “something wind blown, casual” but the stylist somehow missed  getting the desired look . . .

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