• While wearing her tiny "Mexican" party hat, Her Royal Fuzziness, The Princess Buttercup, saw on TV that one of the freshman senators claimed the world was ending in 12 years.  She wondered if that was human years or dog years . . .

Just Wondering

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  • After Bennie's speech announcing that he was running for president, the local paper ran an editorial saying that "his appeal to voters was not only corny but definitely twisted  . . . "

Twisted and Corny

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  • Herman (not the German) thought he really had something to offer the New Green Deal--he WAS green, REALLY green . . .

New Green Deal

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  • Jim's (upper left) brothers were encouraging him to run for office for two reasons: First, there would be some house cleaning after the Mueller investigation that would need  replacements, and second, he had a natural politician's face and the attitude . . .

Born to Run

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  • Once the Mueller Report had found  no Russian collusion for the 2016 election,  journalists and politicos who had bet their careers on collusion  were taking flight . . . 

Taking Flight

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Wind Power

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