• Quincy had heard some of the newly elected legislators saying the government should provide free food for all.  But was that just Ramen noodles (hard to cook on the wing or in the barn rafters) or real rodents? And, more important, were they fresh . . . ?

Free Food

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  • Purrrrrrfect, also known as Scat Cat, heard that over 20 wannabe politicians had announced their intent to run for president next election in 2020.  The local party chairman told her she was too young, although she was 21 in cat years.  They did offer to back her for a run as dog catcher; she declined . . .

Purrrrrrfect’s Bid

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  • Little Beau stayed up late to hear the President's State of the Union speech and found it "Mooooving" but was disappointed that nothing was said about bovine voting rights even for those born in the US . . .

Moooving Speech

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Political Explosion

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  • As Matt looked at the layered Texas sunset, he began to realize it was just like politics--each layer leads to another layer, always one more layer . . .


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  • When the Washington bureaucrats said they wanted to cut farm subsidies, saying there wasn't a grain of truth in the farmers pleas, the farm lobby suggested the politicians price new tractors and combines . . .

Grain of Truth

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