Looking in the mirror was not rewarding for Ted, a kid in puberty–long, gangly legs; a skinny, funny-colored neck; and blotchy colored feathers–when would it be over . . .?

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Bird Years

In Human time, Bert was only four months old, but in Bird years, he was 16.  Since neither of his parents had a car he could use to impress the chicks, he figured he would have to count on bling.  He wished he could speed up the process just a little . . .

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Teenage Blues

Jerome was like many teenagers; he was beginning to question his parent’s authority.  He could understand them not wanting him to wear a hoodie–it did make it tough to fly–but why did he have to eat only sunflower seeds? How about some pizza or a Big Mac once in a while, and how about a skateboard?. . . . .  David, Sf.G.

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