• The offer of a zoo gig seemed good--plenty of food, no wolves or cougars--but as summer in Houston was starting in the 90's, he dreamed of the snow back in Alaska . . .

In His Dreams

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The “Pink Three” had tried out as cheerleaders for the Houston Texans, and the tryout routine was much harder and more gymnastic than they had ever dreamed.  They were hoping that the chiropractor would give them a three-for-the-price-of-two discount to work out the kinks . . .

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Cold Snap

Once again, the Houston weather guy was wrong; the cold snap was worse than expected and lasted longer . . .

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Wrong Turn

Thom figured he made a wrong turn near Chetumal, Mexico and, with the cruise ship crowd, had ended up in Houston outside NRG Stadium on Super Bowl day with no ticket . . .

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Tattoo Removal

Jacko had been looking for a retirement project/business.  When he found franchise rights for tattoo removal for the entire Houston area for a very reasonable price, he jumped at it; all equipment and signage was included

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Multicultural Block Party

In spite of dire warnings from Houston Texas “Community Organizer” Quanell X, the multicultural block party had gone beautifully . . .

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