• Lucy May was tired of having to explain to fools that just didn't listen: She was not an upholsterer recovering sofas and car seats, but a pollster, trying to see who was where in the ranks of politicians running for office . . .

Mistaken Identity

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  • After Bennie's speech announcing that he was running for president, the local paper ran an editorial saying that "his appeal to voters was not only corny but definitely twisted  . . . "

Twisted and Corny

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Looking Back

Looking back, Robyn couldn’t remember a more contentious, divisive, and polarized election.  It almost made him want to go back to TV commercials promoting weekly sitcoms . . .

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Government Plot

The Government said the crop duster was just spraying for mosquitoes, but Lenny (always alert for Government plots) was pretty sure that in the next election, the spray would make everyone vote Democratic, or for Oprah or Ellen, and sneak in laws to take away their guns and Harleys . . .

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Empty As a Politician’s Promise

As part of a political inducement at election time, the locals had been promised all the alfalfa hay they could eat all winter.  Turns out the hay feeders were as empty as a politician’s promise . . .

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Not Interested


When the locals heard that there was going to be a debate between the president and the presidential contender, they did the only logical thing–they left town en masse before the pre-event fixers got there. . . .  David, Sf.G.

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