Black Widow

  • Elaine couldn't seem to attract the right sort of guy to start a family with, or for that matter, any guy at all.  She wondered if maybe a little more make-up would do the trick . . .

More Make-Up?

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  • Elizabeth (pictured) was growing concerned; her waist and weight were rapidly getting out of control. As a graduate dietitian from the University of Phoenix (on line), she knew binge-eating wasn't good for her weight, but the uncontrollable urge to eat her mate after reproducing was just something she couldn't seem to get a handle on . . .

Unexpected Weight Gain

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Unexpected Discovery

While examining subpoenaed material on Russian interference during the election, a photo of Al Gore inventing the world wide web/Internet surfaced . . .

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Black Widows’ Lives Matter

Cathy, using her iPhone, had tried to get a little relief for black widows with a “black widows’ lives matter” movement, but didn’t seem to be getting much traction . . .

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Spider Bling

The black widows had the showy red hour glass, and the golden orb weavers were bright, but Gwen was confident she was the real head turner . . .

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Brown Eyed Girl

Candace, a Brown Widow spider, was miffed;  her cousins–the Black Widows–got all the press, mostly bad, but also some good.  She should be famous–she had quite a record, she had produced thousands of children, had eaten her last 14 mates, and had bitten three cats, four dogs, and two humans, and still the stinking paparazzi ignored her.

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