Light Weights

TJ was disappointed when Amazon rejected his hummingbird Drone delivery concept. True they were fast and agile, but payload limits were a little light . . .

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Days of Our Lives

Jim and Lefty couldn’t believe it.  Like many guys, they were secretly addicted to the afternoon soap opera “Days of Our Lives”, and now it was going to be cancelled.  Lefty was on his way to Barnes and Noble to check for collections of past seasons on DVD; Jim was going to check Amazon and, as a last resort, maybe eBay for pirated copies from China or Bulgaria . . .

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Drone On

Clarence, hearing all the hoo hah about private drones and privacy issues, thought he saw a market. So he went on Amazon and bought a GoPro and then ran a Craig’s List ad to find customers.  He soon found out that Homeland Security, the FAA, DEA, CIA, the FCC, FBI and NSA were so busy downloading his streaming images that there was no band width left for his paying customers.  The Alphabet guys were all insisting they were not using Clarence’s  images for spying on Americans . . .

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Cold Feet

Henry hated to admit it–he’d never Tweet it or post in on his Facebook page at the risk of being called wimpy, but dang, he really had cold feet flying here in Alaska.  He wondered: “Shouldn’t I be able to find something, anything, in the way of foot warmers on Amazon or eBay?” . . . . . David, Sf.G.

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Hats Off

Larry was pretty well ready for winter, plenty of feathers to keep him warm, except for his head.  He would prefer a classy  camel colored Homburg or a navy beret, but finding anything in his head size was all but impossible.  Not even eBay or Amazon had anything.  Once again, it looked like he was going to be buying a pair of ladies “small” ski socks and cutting an opening for his  beak and two eye holes. That was going to be it.  He was pretty sure this was not going to attract the ladies. . . . .  David, Sf.G.

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