• Ranjit, whose day job was maintenance¬†at the Capitol building in Washington, was asked if his hobby of handling cobras was dangerous. He said, "Not any more than being around politicians and lobbyists every day . . ."

Snake Charmer

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Water Garden

Sadly, living in California had its downsides, like having to shut down the front yard water garden just so some farmers can irrigate their crops to feed Californians . . .

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Feeling Safe

The girls didn’t understand, why should they join PETA, they were in India for goodness sake . . .?

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Import Troubles

Gerrard really loved his Indian TATA cross country roadster, but his import broker thought there might be some problems at customs with the 50 caliber machine gun and the right-hand drive . . .

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That Dog Won’t Hunt

When Gordy took his newly adopted rescue dog to PetSmart for a trim before rabbit season, the groomer was quick to offer an opinion: “That dog won’t hunt . . .”

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Leaning Right

Many in the president’s audience looked to be neutral, but some were clearly leaning to the right . . .

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