• When the taxi driver offered Billy-Bob and Glenda a 50-year lease on Akbar's Gate, they concluded his right to lease may be backed by questionable provenance . . .

Questionable Provenance

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  • With world conditions so unsettled, many folks didn't know how to securely invest their  money: some leaning towards the stock markets, others towards real estate . . .


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  • Rohit didn't like the tourist trade, but it made him enough to work on a night school political science degree with the goal of becoming a politician . . .

Night School

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  • The guys were debating about how to launch their new fruit smoothie franchise program.  They wondered if they should think big and to the future and also offer a chicken noodle soup smoothie, hoping to appeal to both the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian crowd . . .

Franchise Opportunity

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  • When the snake charmer at the entrance to the park--who also claimed to be a real estate agent--offered to sell Tommy and Ruthie the cool stone building, they were dubious about whether he really had a listing . . .

Snake Charmer

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  • Ranjit, whose day job was maintenance at the Capitol building in Washington, was asked if his hobby of handling cobras was dangerous. He said, "Not any more than being around politicians and lobbyists every day . . ."

Snake Charmer

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