• When it came time to fire some under-performing employee, Charlie didn't fool around . . .


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  • When a visiting group of Silicon Valley moguls and mavens asked if they could buy the middle fork of the Flathead River so they could irrigate their golf courses, Montanans were amazingly unified in their "Not no, but heck no . . .!"

Buy the River

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  • Gloria had been looking for the Toyota dealership; she was shopping for a fuel efficient, inexpensive ride for everyday use, something that would be "green" and still have good resale value. And then she saw the car of her dreams, but it wasn't a Prius. When she asked about fuel mileage, the salesman muttered something about, "if you had to ask, you couldn't afford it . . ."

Not a Prius

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  • When Gina lost her job, her friend Kiki suggested pole dancing.  Gina was puzzled; dance with a Polish man up here? Too crowded . . . and was it to be ballet? Ball room dancing? An Irish  jig? Clogging or tap dancing?  Would she have to take lessons first . . . ?

Pole Dancer

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  • When the Washington bureaucrats said they wanted to cut farm subsidies, saying there wasn't a grain of truth in the farmers pleas, the farm lobby suggested the politicians price new tractors and combines . . .

Grain of Truth

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Flood Insurance

As the tropical depression turned into a tropical storm and perhaps later a hurricane, LaVerne (pictured) was trying to remember if she had paid her flood insurance premium. After the trouble she had collecting last year, she wasn’t sure she cared; it took a law suit filed in Judge Judy’s court to finally get the company to pay . . .

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