Global Warming

  • The local weatherman had thought it was sun spots or some other solar disturbance, but it was just Dorothy harvesting her habanero peppers.  The Ghost and Carolina Reapers would soon follow, possibly causing global warming . . .

Hot Stuff

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Global Warming

When Houston was hit with 5″ of snow,  the local weather guys and climatologists could only speculate: since it wasn’t ISIS or Russian Meddling, it had to be Global Warming . . .

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Hot Stuff

When a surprise cold snap and five inches of snow hit the Texas Gulf Coast, global warming was blamed, though some speculated it could be President Trump’s fault . . .

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Safe From Reptiles

Johnny, from Texas and not used to the cold, in spite of global warming, was comforted by the low incidence of alligator and  water moccasin attacks here in Alaska . . .

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Dress Code

When invited for a luncheon interview (and possible job) for the new administration’s global warming study, Cedric wondered if perhaps he should have worn his Trump tie . . .

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EPA Blues

The EPA nearly shut him down: a penalty and tax on cow flatulence, a fine for no manure disposal permit, and more. Hopefully the new Trump EPA guy would lighten up  . .  .

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