Days of Our Lives

Jim and Lefty couldn’t believe it.  Like many guys, they were secretly addicted to the afternoon soap opera “Days of Our Lives”, and now it was going to be cancelled.  Lefty was on his way to Barnes and Noble to check for collections of past seasons on DVD; Jim was going to check Amazon and, as a last resort, maybe eBay for pirated copies from China or Bulgaria . . .

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Political Capital

The conservative radio talk show hosts found it hard to believe, but yes, there was an eBay offering selling “Political Capital” and it was guaranteed to be as good as any politician’s promise.

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Home Improvement

Jack (pictured, blue shirt) had seen the Marble Arch in London and thought it would be just the thing to spiff up his ranch in Montana; to his surprise, it was not for sale, at any price. What’s more, none of the home improvement stores back home–Lowe’s, Home Depot–had any plans available or ideas on how to build one; they couldn’t even suggest a contractor, although he found two offered on eBay and three on Craigslist for Nigeria.

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The Need for Speed

Horace felt the need for speed like an addict needs drugs.  He found what promised to be the ultimate fix on eBay, and while interior room was going to be compromised–not to mention fuel mileage–it promised to be the speed fix he craved . . .

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Rock, but no Roll

Even though they were rocks, and he had named them Jerry Lee, Chuck Berry, the Who, Elvis and, of course the Beatles, and–wait for it–the Stones, Jack’s eBay auction hadn’t brought the bidding war he had counted on . . .

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Close Quarters

Conrad had decided to purchase his new condo on eBay.  The advertisement claimed it was “Top floor, compact efficiency–simple maintenance, ideal for the single guy.  Great views.”  Maybe, he thought after getting the keys at closing, he should have actually visited the property rather than relying on the slick virtual tour on line . . .”

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