There Goes the Neighborhood

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No Cows in Space

Carmen was simply stunned–she had been rejected as the first cow to travel in space–in fact there were no plans for any cows in space–bovine discrimination . . .?

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Pending Civil Rights Lawsuit

Quincy’s offer to guard the ponds at Disney World was rejected–they said he might scare the children–His lawyer said they would file a discrimination lawsuit . . .

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Failure to Assimilate

In spite of laws, both Federal and State, the egrets seemed unable to assimilate with the cows when shade was at a premium in South Texas. The cows didn’t seem to mind the birds’ company when they were picking ticks off their backs, but clearly didn’t want a relationship. The Attorney General’s office said they were looking into it . . .

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Discrimination Suit

When Louis complained to his brother-in-law that none of the neighbors would swim with him, the brother-in-law, a lawyer, suggested that he could probably win a Federal discrimination suit.  “Could that be a double breasted sharkskin suit with a vest?” asked Louis . . .

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