• Ricardo (pictured) had watched lots of cooking and food shows on The Food Network and was stunned that no one was doing a traveling bee pollen/nectar show. His ongoing theme would be only top shelf stuff--there are lots of flowers in the world; why settle for less than the best?

Top Shelf

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  • Carrie, who lived in a "Blue" state, was asked by her neighbors how she was voting in the fall elections.  She replied "Undecided". They expressed some doubts . . .


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  • Angelina (pictured) had been upset that she had been born a simple worker bee until she got a good look at the alternatives. Males live a short life, reproduce and die, and the queen bears thousands of babies and never gets outside. Suddenly, buzzing around gathering pollen and nectar on a sunny afternoon didn't seem so bad; in fact she drove her hive mates a little crazy, always buzzing around saying, "No worries, mate!" or worse yet, singing that stupid "Don't worry, be happy!" song . . .

No Worries, Mate!

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  • Chuck (pictured, right) didn't mind sharing his rose with the neighbors, but the big guy just wouldn't quit pushing . . .

Quit Pushing

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Chemical Warfare

With all the outrage at chemical warfare,  Dewey (with wings) and Louie (with petals) had been trying to urge their congressman to do something about ongoing chemical warfare right here in lawns around the country . . .

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Yellow Fever

Janis was trying to launch her new Band “Yellow Fever” doing Dixieland, Techno, & Born Again Rock.  She already had one of the Bees from the Bee Gee’s on board . . .

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