Rocky Mountain High

Bertie knew it was a bit of a stretch harvesting the “volunteer” marijuana plants that had grown from the seeds tourists dropped, but it was for “medical use” only . . .

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Wrong Kid Rock

Turns out they had booked the wrong Kid Rock; this one couldn’t do  a concert in Nebraska . . .

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Do(e), A Deer

Ginny’s brain had gotten stuck on the stupid  “Do, a deer” song from The Sound of Music and was hoping she could replace it with a little Stevie Ray Vaughan . . .

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Goat Party

Though slow, Hubert was glad to see the Goat Party was growing; it was now up to three. They weren’t sure who to back yet, but they were pretty sure it wouldn’t be Kim Jong Un . . .

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Kenny didn’t mind being vegan, for folks his size the only alternative was bugs and worms.  Eating enough grass/seeds for 7 month hibernation took all summer . . .

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Fake News

When CNN reported that Donald Trump was opening a  Glacier Park resort with yodeling bellboys and waitstaff, he tweeted “#fakenews, only the waitstaff would yodel . . .”

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