Fake News

When CNN reported that Donald Trump was opening a  Glacier Park resort with yodeling bellboys and waitstaff, he tweeted “#fakenews, only the waitstaff would yodel . . .”

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Free Range Water

Damian’s hope was that when the PETA/Vegan crowd heard about his “free range water,” they would embrace the concept and his fortune would be made . . .

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Are We There Yet?

As the school of baby Steelhead Trout made their way downstream to the ocean, Kenny, one of the fingerlings, couldn’t help asking, “Are we there yet . . .?”

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Days of Our Lives

Jim and Lefty couldn’t believe it.  Like many guys, they were secretly addicted to the afternoon soap opera “Days of Our Lives”, and now it was going to be cancelled.  Lefty was on his way to Barnes and Noble to check for collections of past seasons on DVD; Jim was going to check Amazon and, as a last resort, maybe eBay for pirated copies from China or Bulgaria . . .

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Fixin’ To

On a recent visit to Texas, Wayne frequently heard the term “fixin’ to” and couldn’t understand why so many things had to be fixed, and why always 2, in pairs . . .?

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Surveillance Worries

With the Game Department putting tracking chips in everything and everyone, Bruce was concerned they would tell his mother he was getting friendly with the older girls . . .

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