• Karrie (pictured) was ecstatic; she'd gotten tickets for the Ellen show & wanted to look her best--really outstanding. The Lady GaGa white hair combined with pink tips seemed to be just the ticket--not exactly mainstream, but really cool. She was hoping for one of those million dollar checks or a free car, but she'd settle for the trip to Hawaii. If that didn't work out, maybe she could get a slot on American Idol doing her Willie Nelson imitation . . .

On Ellen

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  • When the girls tried out for band, they were all accepted, but they were all assigned to the trumpet section--not a cello player among them.  Disappointing . . .

No Cellos?

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  • They just called themselves "The Quartet;"  they were considering an offer from Lady Gaga to open for her new North American Tour. The girls--Twyla, Penny, Blanca, and Jenelle--had two problems with the offer regardless of how profitable it was. First, they did Gregorian Chants to a Hip Hop beat and weren't sure how well that would go down with the Lady Gaga crowd; second, they felt like they had been in one spot so long, they had put down roots . . . 

The Quartet

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  • The doctor had warned Tara (pictured) that the prescription might make her feel a little itchy--even like something was crawling on her. "Don't worry," he told her, "it's just the medicine." But she couldn't shake the feeling that she really did have a bug crawling on her.

Something Doesn’t Feel Right

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Tejas Beauty Contest

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  • The girls watched the horror film on Twitter of a woman peeling a pineapple--just ripping sections off from the core!   It struck a little too close to home . . .

Horror Film

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