• Leroi's timing and job choice couldn't have been better: With elections coming up, committies investigating committees, bluff and blunder around evey corner, Spin Doctors could name their price and terms . . .

Spin Doctor

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  • Archaeologists recently made an important discovery--how Noah saved the bees during the Great Flood. He kept them in the arkhives . . .

Save The Bees

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Gone to Seed

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  • Helen (pictured, wet) was furious; lately, her roommate Suzi had thought it outrageously funny to wait for Helen to get in the shower and then move her towel to where it couldn't be seen or reached, leaving Helen cold, wet, and angry. She was trying to decide if putting a several-days-old fish under Suzi's underthings in her dresser after she left for school was an overreaction . . .

Stolen Towel

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  • Willa, reflecting on past youthful glamour, enjoyed looking back; she'd once been a rare beauty. Now she wondered if her 401K & parks dept retirement fund were enough to carry her through. And whatever happened to those cute little hummingbirds and butterflies that came by . . .?

Retirement Nears

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  • Listening to the 20+ presidential¬†candidates argue or shoot down their opponents' claims, Lyle thought they all sounded about the same.¬† If the TV interviewers and radio programs didn't tell him who was speaking, he couldn't tell just by their twitter rants or¬† social media posts . . .

Who’s Who?

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