A selection of Various Birds

  • Enzo, after watching old James Cagney movies on cable TV, just couldn't resist screaming "You dirty rats!" as he dove from the sky to catch the tasty rodents . . .

“You Dirty Rats!”

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  • Sam had wanted to try out for wrestling, but his coach said with no arms there could be a problem, and with his height he'd be better at basketball.  "Sure, coach," he thought, "no arms is solved by basketball . . .?"


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  • When voice lessons didn't help Bennie's high pitched screech-owl voice, he thought, "Let's just call it a "falsetto" and get a job singing old rock and roll . . ."

Voice Lessons

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  • Kelli, not wanting company, asked for and got a table for one, with the provision she order a full meal, not just sushi.  The tuna rolls were good, but she wasn't sure what to do with the salad and bread  . . .

Table for One

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  • Robert (his friends called him Bobby Boy) was on a tear--McDonald's only offered the McRib a couple of times a year, and they've never offered a little guy size.  How was Robert supposed to carry away a sandwich that weighed twice what he did?  He decided to initiate an internet protest and write his congress individual (he was careful to avoid gender-bias . . .)


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  • As soon as Bill's cousin, Beauford, started drawing circles and lines on the coffee shop napkins and tallking about "down lines," Bill said, "Sorry, I forgot; I have a scheduling conflict and I'm Just on my way out . . .

Just On My Way Out

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