• Everyone knows that rattlesnakes shed their skin from time to time and are expected to grow new rattles afterward. James (not pictured), after radiation treatments for skin cancer, hadn't been able to grow rattles & didn't feel like much of a specimen; then he found an Internet web site that offered replacement rattles, and better yet, they were certified organic . . .

Certified Organic

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Career Change

When his baseball career didn’t work out (he couldn’t even handle grounders}, Bob’s friends suggested shedding the old skin and re-appearing as a down-to-earth politician . . .

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A Job With the Band

Jim Bob (pictured), even though a Texan, had never really liked country music.  His real love was Tchaikovsky–Swan Lake, etc.   After band in high school, a degree in music from the University of Phoenix (on line), and finally taking a doctorate in modern classics from Juilliard, Jim Bob was hoping for a job with a major orchestra, maybe in the percussion section where his natural talents lay.

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Where Rattles Come From

Like alligators (everyone else has crocodiles and caimans), rattlesnakes are found only in the Americas.  Huey wondered where they got their rattle, and after several difficult months and the freedom of information act, he was able to discover that the rattles were grown in a covert organic rattle farm in Oregon and drop shipped to each rattlesnake several times a year, no charge, courtesy of the government.  Now, the sequestration and lack of funding made it seem likely that the program would be cut, and another unique North American species would become ordinary. . . . .  David, Sf.G.

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