Platalea ajaia

Pointy is Better Than Round

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  • Randy hated this time of the year; the ticks were everywhere.  Unlike the cattle egrets who ate ticks, Randy didn't; in fact he didn't even have a good beak for getting rid of them . . .

Checking for Ticks

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  • Randy had arrived at the rookery for his first (he hoped) breeding season a little early.  No one else was here yet; his adult plumage was iffy and his voice had not finished changing.  He hoped he wasn't going to have to sing those old Four Seasons/Frankie Valli falsetto songs to attract a mate . . .

Changing Voice

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  • In spite of her mother's assurances that spoonbills were elegant and beautiful, little Billie still got bullied by the egret kids and the cormorants . . .

Bullied Billie

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Deodorant Not Working

In spite of those TV commercials’ promises, after a quick sniff, Gi Gi was pretty sure her deodorant was not working, which probably explained her mate’s absence for the last few days . . .

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Geneva’s mother kept telling her that dripping when eating showed a distinct lack of culture;  that it was crude. Geneva asked her mom to show her how to eat a seafood salad without dripping . . .

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