Drought/Flood Conundrum

David, thinking outside the box, tried to figure out how to ship Texas’ excess flood water to California.  Gov. Brown was receptive, but his constituency wanted to know if it was vegan; had it crossed borders legally; would it need Government help once it arrived, and did it qualify for ObamaCare?  The nuts & bolts part–how to physically get it there–seemed to be lost somehow.  The Libs worried a water pipeline might be used to move Texas oil to California.  And who would they name it after–George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Cher, Lady Gaga? Gov. Brown was open, but the Californians were firm–NO BUSH . . .!

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Forever Young

Wayne had thought it terribly unfair that only big time personalities like Cher and Michael Jackson could afford the cost of extensive cosmetic surgery and Botox  to keep looking young. Then he found a Botox at Home kit on line that he could administer himself.  He did end up with much  smoother skin, but wondered if perhaps he had injected just a bit more than was actually needed  . . . . . David, Sf.G.

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Center Stage

While Angie didn’t have a bad voice and looked pretty darn good, she was no Cher or Madonna–not even Cyndie Lauper–but still she had to be center stage, out front whenever the girls got together to do Karaoke.  She had dreams of a recording contract, maybe even the movies, but her friends knew how that would end up: Prom queen this year, three babies, an ex-jock husband working at the mill, and a minivan in five years.  Oh well, they thought,  it  doesn’t hurt to dream. . . . .  David, Sf.G.

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