Ardea alba

  • "Mom," squawked Huey, "Horatio's hogging the computer; he won't let me check my email until he's finished reading the Mueller report . . ."

Mueller Report

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  • When Mrs. Bondurant, the civics teacher, asked each of the freshman students what part in government they would like to be, Henry quickly said, "Speaker of the House." He  had every hope that he'd be able to tame those pesky feathers on top of his head--after all, in politics, looking the part was as important as substance.

Speaker of the House

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  • Greg and Bill told Hercules, "Of course we tease and pinch you--you're Mom's favorite! You got the cool name, you get all the craw dads, and we just get tadpoles and mud minnows . . ."

Mom’s Favorite

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  • While bringing a lunch of tadpoles, Elizabeth (the mother) was tickled to hear Zoe (daughter) singing her own version of the old Cyndi Lauper song with her own twist, "Girls just want to have lunch . . ."


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  • Billie and Twyla Sue were convinced they had invented a new sport--Neck Wrestling--and hoped to get ESPN interested. The only drawback was it didn't work very well for  cardinals or sparrows . . .

Neck Wrestling

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  • When Gwen caught her significant other flirting with that cute little snowy egret over in the next tree, she took her nest building material and said, "I'm taking off . . ."

Taking Off

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