sunsets & rainbows

  • Arthur (not pictured) had been dating Janeen (also not pictured) for some time, but felt the relationship was not progressing the way he had intended. It seemed as though little things got in the way and always seemed to put him in a bad light. He really wasn't a bad guy--if he could just get her to see him in a good light, maybe a sunset . . .

In a Good Light

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  • Willie's mother had told him, "Sunsets are a big clue that it's getting dark, so get home while you can still see."  Willie suddenly realized he was cutting it pretty close . . .

Getting Dark

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  • Eric, having just watched his favorite movie, "Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes," looked at the night sky and realized the weather guy had it wrong--this was not the "Blood or Wolf Moon", but the vanguard scouting mission for the coming Attack Of The Killer Oranges . . .

Attack of the Killer Oranges

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Political Explosion

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  • Bennie's father had forbidden him to to play with the arc welder, telling him it was dangerous if not properly grounded.  Bennie found his dad may have been right . . .


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  • Jaqui, lead singer for the Cypress Minimalists,  was concerned about  slow ticket sales and  wondered if their approach was a little too minimalist . . .


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