Visas? Visas? We Don’t Need no Stinking Visas . . .!

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Black or White

Wednesday after the midterms, everyone seemed to see the issues as black or white . . . or wait, was that white and black . . . ?

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Scientist were stunned to learn that the Zebras’ stripes not only¬†provided camouflage, but also hypnotized large carnivores, making them think the zebras were larger than they appeared and didn’t taste good . . .

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Identity Crisis

The authorities were having a tough time getting a good eyewitness description of the suspect–some said he was white with black stripes, others black with white stripes . . .

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Dolly Parton Jokes

Teenager Zoe was not comforted by Mom’s assurances that jokes about being a Z-bra–Dolly Parton’s size–would end when the guys came looking for a prom date . . .

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Racing Stripes

When the team from Kenya arrived for the Kentucky Derby, the locals snorted in derision until the Africans explained those were British racing stripes . . .

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