Though she had lived on the Texas Gulf Coast for a number of years, Jessica’s mind would occasionally–nostalgically–drift back to Wisconsin where she was born.  Then she would take a quick peek at the picture on her desk and remember her aversion to that awful white stuff that regularly fell from the sky a good part of the year back in the vast frozen tundra of the “Great White North . . .”

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The Red Door

When choosing his political agenda,  Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin  had clearly chosen the red door. He wondered, though, what former Senator Joe McCarthy (the “Red Hunter”) would have thought of his choice . . .

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J.J. Watt Goes Into a Bar

J. J. Watt (giant blond Texans star) goes into a bar with a big parrot on his shoulder.  “Where did you get him?” asks the bartender.
“Wisconsin,” said the parrot . . .

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No High Speed Rail

Seeing the track after the snow, Lindsey was glad Wisconsin hadn’t approved high speed rail for that line . . .

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Missing Lady Gaga

Sadly, Lake Waubesa in McFarland, Wisconsin missed hosting Lady Gaga and her fiance’s first polar bear ice water plunge.  It seems that Lake Waubesa was covered with a solid sheet of ice, unlike Lake Michigan in Chicago (where the deed happened), which had ice chunks but wasn’t completely frozen.  None of the ice fisherman on Lake Waubesa could drill a hole big enough for the Lady to plunge in on her boy friend’s back, much less get back out . . .

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Field Trip

When Lars John Johnson (who comes from Wisconsin–he works in a lumber mill there) heard his four year old ask, “Where do corn flakes come from?” and heard his six year old say, “The store, dummy–cereal aisle!” he thought that it might be time for a little field trip . . .

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