Tejas Beauty Contest

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Mixed Crowd

The rally to support Willy Nelson for Surgeon General for the incoming administration drew quite a mixed crowd . . .

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Red State

As the pollsters got off the plane to take the measure of a particular southern state, they were pretty well convinced it was going to be a red state . . .

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Murderer of Flowers

Gaylord was guilty, his wife screamed at him. In fact he was guilty of mass murder of all of those wildflowers that had sprung up when the longer-than-usual spring rainy period made it impossible to get the mower out to cut the grass. The flowers had used the lull to stage a coup–and now they were paying for it. Gaylord the flower murderer said he was sorry . . .

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Dismal Failure

Lyndon Johnson’s wife, Lady Bird, had enjoyed huge success when she planted wild flowers along along many of the Texas highways, creating a stunning sight every spring.  Her attempt to reforest lower Manhattan along the Hudson River hadn’t enjoyed the same success. . .

Scouting Party

The new recruits  to the Texas Wildflower Protection League had heard that a a number of thistles and some Johnson grass were invading their territory and thought that they could get some points with their instructor, the Colonel, if they took the initiative to scout out this potential menace.  They were quiet, they were stealthy, but they hadn’t yet gotten the lesson on camouflage.  . . . .  David, Sf.G.

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