• Arthur (not pictured) had been dating Janeen (also not pictured) for some time, but felt the relationship was not progressing the way he had intended. It seemed as though little things got in the way and always seemed to put him in a bad light. He really wasn't a bad guy--if he could just get her to see him in a good light, maybe a sunset . . .

In a Good Light

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Not an Early Riser

No early riser, the magnificent sunset was further proof for David that “If we were meant to see the sun rise on a regular basis, it would have been scheduled later in the day . . .”

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Countdown Sunset

Hearing a concerned news commentator liken the time till election to an almost finished sunset, Karyn couldn’t help but wonder if after the election the sun was ever coming back up . . .

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Not Boring

True, Texas Gulf Coast summers were hot, but never boring . . .

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Going Down

Looking at his 401K, and the sunset, Gary thought they were both a lot alike; going down . . .

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Lacking Clarity

Chloe had come down to the beach to watch a sunset and to use that inspiration to think about her retirement plan.  She realized her view of the future wasn’t any clearer than that day’s sunset. 

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