• April, a long time fan of "The Princess Bride,"  was studying art and wanted to paint the movie's last scene where Westley and Buttercup do their famous kiss.  Turns out that, while not getting the Old Masters' style exactly right, it was a fair abstract effort . . .

The Kiss

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  • For the most part, Jim Bob had really enjoyed his trip to Eastern Europe, but he was feeling a little homesick; it was hard to find a good catfish and crawdad "seafood" house around here. You couldn't even get good chicken fried steak. He thought about catching some catfish himself and frying them up, but that glacier-fed lake looked a little too cold for the catfish he was familiar with . . .

No Catfish

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Red Hat Ladies Flower Show

When the Red Hat ladies put on a flower show the theme was . . . .

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Science Project

Inspired by the young boy who took his “clock” to school to show his teacher, young Yuri took pictures of his power project experiment to show his science teacher, but for some reason he ended up in jail, answering lots of questions

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