• Arriving at the rookery late with no top level reservations, Bob and Marla quickly discovered that lower level nest placement was critical for sanitary purposes . . .

No Reservations

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  • The Friday night poker game were competitive--at stake were the top nest sites in the rookery. The lower nest sites always had sanitary issues from the nests above.  This was serious poker  . . .


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  • The girls felt misunderstood; just because they got to the rookery first and got the top nest sites didn't mean they were looking down their noses at anyone . . .

Looking Down Their Noses

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  • Elizabeth hated the brushy landings at the rookery and now she had snagged something and pulled a muscle or popped some joint; would Tylenol do it?  Or did she need a chiropractor . . .?


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Top Bunk

As this wasn’t her first nesting season at the rookery, knowing that some things only run downhill, Suzy (called “Toozy” by her friends) recognized the importance of claiming a top bunk nest site as quickly as possible . . .

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Flying Lessons

Glen had appreciated his parents’ confidence that he could fly, and the on-line tutorial was encouraging, but still, that first leap from the tree was a little intimidating . . .

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